Challenger R/T

Transmission Shift Quality Issues on Dodge Challenger R/T

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A harsh 4-3 downshift or other shift quality issues may develop. Revised transmission control module (TCM) software has been released to address these concerns.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 31,378 (19–116,437)
6 model years affected: 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, more2015, 2016
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Ever since I got the car at 30 miles the 2nd gear has been exceptionally sticky and makes a metal on metal noise (not grinding) everytime I shift. Sometimes car will not go into second gear with clutch all the way down and I have to let go of the clutch and press it down again and try shifting into 2nd again. It doesn't grind but it feels like the 2nd is totally blocked from going into 2nd. This happens under 2000rpm so it is not the skipshift. This seems to happen more frequently when the car is colder. I swapped out the shifter with a hurst shifter at 11k miles but problem still exist. I also lose a lot of speed shifting into second and usually have every car on the road pass me on the shift to 2nd gear. I seem to go faster going 1st to 3rd gear than 1st to 2nd. Dealership says its perfectly normal but I'm
Hard shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and from 3rd to 2nd gear. Dealer says there is no problem.
Happened twice during exceleratin when i let off the throttle the transmission tries to do a quick down shift and then the engine light comes on and the transmission has completely stoped working i have to pull the car over and place it into park then it starts working again. Both times it happend it was a moderate exceleration was not WOT
Transmission stuck on first gear. Auto shift doesn't work. Check engine light in on.
Rough shifting between gears... Actually got stuck in second. had to pull over put in park to reset it. Have had quite a few problems with the transmission and the car repair shop tells me everything is fine and that I just don't know how to drive and I am probably putting the car in manual. Even with the check engine light on they claim they find nothing wrong with the car. I don't want to die in an accident due to unexpected down shifting or something
Bought a brand new 2016 dodge challenger automatic, when I put it in drive, park, or reverse there's a slight punch coming from the transmission and it drives me insane, only driving it for 2 days and I have to take it back to the dealership to see whats up, hear it's a software issue which is stupid for a brand new car.
My R/T has a sticky second gear. Sometimes when I shift to second, I have to let off the clutch and then try again or wiggle the shifter in neutral then try. It's also started making a rattle noise when I let off the clutch. Can hear it mainly when it's idling. Dropped by a dealership and they said it could be the throw out bearing. I have to make an appt. to get it checked out next week.
Same issue as others a metal type rubbing sound when shifting into any gear.
I noticed at 30000 miles that the car stalled when shifting from 3rd to 4th gear I was told at the dealership that nothing was wrong. Now at 72000 miles the clutch is burned out. How does a new car that I am the only owner of have so much cluth damage especially when I told the dealer. Every time I took my car on for service the clutch was fine but it never stopped stalling. I'm so upset.
Down-shift transmission does not shift how it's supposed to and engine light turns on stalling the car.
I have to place car on stop, turn it back on and wait about 15 seconds until transmissions starts working again!
This is completely unacceptable!!!
Check engine light came on my 2014 RT Dodge Challenger, at 2700 miles - barely 3 months old. Took it to the dealer because my car has the warranty, they told the cylinder misfire code was due to "bad gas". Total BS 10 days later check engine light comes on again, with surging during deceleration, again, misfire code present - their response - "you might have had some water in the gas - make sure you are using brand name gas" - are these guys serious?! THIRD TIME THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON 15 days after just being in for service. Currently the car has been at the dealer since Tuesday morning - it's now Thursday afternoon. The advised me yesterday it was a bad PCM, and they would replace it first thing in the morning. Likely story, as I still have not heard anything about my car. Malfunctions on a brand new car + Bad service at the dealer is making me think twice about buying American. :(
Traction control indicator came on, while driving at 30 mph. Noticed that it was not shifting properly. Pulled the car over , placed shifter into park turned off . Tried to restart, there was a hesitation in starting. Placed the shifter in reverse, the car responded like I had stepped on the accelerater . Placed the shifter in drive, slow in response. Car would not move into 2nd gear or any other. I drove 10 miles in 1st gear at 25 mph to Dodge dealership. They have had the car since Oct. 31 2015. The service Dept. the service dept tells me it is a shifting module is bad. They won't have a part for the car till the 1st of November. So I make a car payment for my car that I havent driven in a month. You think you have problems.
I have a similar issue with my '14 RT. automatic with hard (knocking) downshifts between 2-4. When I decelerate it drops to 4 Cylinder then stalls when I hit the gas between 4th and 2nd. Car now has 18k miles. Been in and out of the shop and am told "no abnormal knocking". On fast decelerate in auto stick you can see it skips right over 3rd gear. Not to mention the 16 times I've taken it in for constant pull to the right.
Transmission is having problems shifting gears !
During exceleratin when i let off the throttle the transmission tries to do a quick down shift and then the engine light comes on and the transmission disengages. I have to pull the car over and place it into park then it starts working again. Both times it happend it was a moderate exceleration was not WOT.
1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th and back.
Car is shifting rough feels like it is stuck in the gates. Dealership bought from said it was fine. Nothing has been done to fix the problem
Harsh downshifts, only called a couple dealerships and talked with the service manager so for.
Will make an service appointment.
Automatic transmission with a slap stick shifter. I was in 3rd gear coming to a light, and like normal it down shifted to first as I stopped. When I went to go it started to feel like it was about to die, shortly after I made it to 3rd gear again I wasn't able to shift up nor down. My max speed was 70 MPh (thank god), and the rpm's maintained around 3500. The only way to make it stop was to pull over turn off the ignition sit for a few seconds an it would continue as normal as long as you just leave it in drive. This is an issue, where as it could end up to being fatal for me or others, if the vehicle was designed to go threw gears no matter what your doing then there shouldn't be this many flaws to it.
hard shift wont reverse ....constantly cutting off in traffic after car is warm