Transmission Shift Quality Issues on Dodge Challenger R/T

A harsh 4-3 downshift or other shift quality issues may develop. Revised transmission control module (TCM) software has been released to address these concerns.

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Average mileage: 12,983 (2,700–45,000)
3 model years affected: 2009, 2013, 2014
8 people reported this problem
7 people shared problem details
Happened twice during exceleratin when i let off the throttle the transmission tries to do a quick down shift and then the engine light comes on and the transmission has completely stoped working i have to pull the car over and place it into park then it starts working again. Both times it happend it was a moderate exceleration was not WOT
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Hard shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and from 3rd to 2nd gear. Dealer says there is no problem.
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Rough shifting between gears... Actually got stuck in second. had to pull over put in park to reset it. Have had quite a few problems with the transmission and the car repair shop tells me everything is fine and that I just don't know how to drive and I am probably putting the car in manual. Even with the check engine light on they claim they find nothing wrong with the car. I don't want to die in an accident due to unexpected down shifting or something
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Harsh downshifts, only called a couple dealerships and talked with the service manager so for. Will make an service appointment.
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hard shift wont reverse ....constantly cutting off in traffic after car is warm
Check engine light came on my 2014 RT Dodge Challenger, at 2700 miles - barely 3 months old. Took it to the dealer because my car has the warranty, they told the cylinder misfire code was due to "bad gas". Total BS 10 days later check engine light comes on again, with surging during deceleration, again, misfire code present - their response - "you might have had some water in the gas - make sure you are using brand name gas" - are these guys serious?! THIRD TIME THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON 15 days after just being in for service. Currently the car has been at the dealer since Tuesday morning - it's now Thursday afternoon. The advised me yesterday it was a bad PCM, and they would replace it first thing in the morning. Likely story, as I still have not heard anything about my car. Malfunctions on a brand new car + Bad service at the dealer is making me think twice about buying American. :(
Down-shift transmission does not shift how it's supposed to and engine light turns on stalling the car. I have to place car on stop, turn it back on and wait about 15 seconds until transmissions starts working again! This is completely unacceptable!!!

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