Transmission Shift Quality Issues on Dodge Charger

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A harsh 4-3 downshift or other shift quality issues may develop. Revised transmission control module (TCM) software has been released to address these concerns.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 83,689 (30–243,000)
Drive Trains affected: AWD, RWD
7 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2013
53 people reported this problem
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Same problem when attempting to accelerate gradually or the road inclines. If I let off of the accelerator or force a downshift, it goes away until the next hill. And when I accelerate suddenly just the RPM move but my speed stays the same. Dealer has looked at it twice and was unable to resolve. Flashing the transmission made no difference. I changed the transmission oil and still acting the same.
When put in park a like a thump sound
When car would Rev high and not switch gears. Didn't get it fixed yet
transmission slips when first accelerating terribly. as i drive, RPMs increases but car remains at same speed. had car checked out with no resolution then had the fluid replaced. slipping corrected for a few days then back operating unsafely.
Slippage when cold, intermittent hard shifting
Hard up and down shifts in first 3 or 4 gears. Seems worse when during first few miles after starting.
Decreased acceleration or mph down hill no fuel depress. The car slows down instead of picking up speed.

Very High rpm at time of stopping with A/C on.

Delay in shifts usually 1 and 2.

I took it to the dealer, They say its fine/ We cant find any problems...
When gears shifts up from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 it suddenly shift at wrong timing colud be faster or slower causing a big kick sound and hit and heared.

Now I lost my gear. It is no more functioning , this problem started since I bought the car new from the dealer but was rare and light ..it increased with time i thought it was normal
3rd to 4th rev limiter raps out
My car jerk and take a 4or5sec before it shift gears and when driving on the express way the rpm goes to 5 or 6 before it level out to 2or3 RPM. And it lose power when I slow down and jerk and shake feel like my motor is shake . so I will be taken it to the dealer to see what Is causing the problem.
Transmission shudder at all shifts replased torque converter and FCC solenoid
Stiil having problems will go for the pcm flash next also fluid flussed twice.
Down shifts rough
Rough downshift from 4th to 3rd. Check engine light, and after driving longer than an hour, gets stuck on 2nd gear.
Transmission slipped down hard about 4 times yesterday while driving. Taking to repair shop today
Harsh shift 4-3. And back up at 2 to 3
Hard shift at about 20 mph when not accelerating. When i get to 20 and ease of the gas it shifts hard.
Changes gears at high rpms, hard gear changes
It wasn't fixed. Dodge's code reader couldn't pick up my issue.
Not fixed yet.
When at highway speeds and accelerating slightly the Trans downshift for half a second then up shifts hard with a clunk. Called the dealer twice. Taking it in for the flash next weekend.