transmission shift linkage on 2002 Cadillac DeVille

the transmission shift linkage broke into today. the metal linkage piece broke in half. if i have to get that piece fixed how much will that cost me. can i fix it myself or do i have to go somewhere to get it done. please let me know asap

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I'm not aware of any recall on the shift linkage on your car. Without knowing the exact part thats broken and what caused it to break, there is no way to give you an estimate of repair.If it's just the shift cable, call your local dealer and ask the parts dept how much the cable is. If it's the metal limkage on the top of the transaxle, then it maybe a little more simple. Unless your real savvy and feel comfortable doing this type repair, contact a good local shop. Good Luck
the metal linkage piece broke in half. i assume that is simple then. thank you