Transmission service urgent. on 2000 Volvo S80

The message 'Transmission service urgent' is always displyed on the screen. I also noticed that after driving a few kilometers, the car drags to pick up speed when the brakes are applied to a halt especially when in traffic. The fuel consumption have drastically increased also. What can I do.

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This is indicating that the transmission control module has registered a fault with the transmission. Continuing to drive with this warning message is not recommended, you should take it to the dealer or a quality Volvo Independent shop soon. Volvo had some issues with the software on these models, so it may need updating, but there may be mechanical problems as well. Best of luck!
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Welcome to the new Volvo world! Same problem w/my s80 2000 model that the "Fort Worth Autobaun" dealer said they could put a new updated program on, but if that $900 fix will not work then they would give me $900 credit towards a $5000 tans. install. and I had 100k miles on it at the time....Very discouraged in Fort Worth!!!!!!!!! I have had a series of problems with this car from day one and I would , at this point , like to see a helicopter come and pick it up to about 5k feet over the Volvo dealer's lot and watch with satisfaction as it is dropped to their parking lot!!!!!!