2004 Toyota Corolla Q&A

2004 Toyota Corolla Question: Transmission Service

My Toyota dealer says I need to flush my transmission and other dealer says replace fluid. I have 47,648 miles on my car and have oil change every 5 mo/5,000 miles as per Toyota dealer. Please tell me what is right for me car. To flush or not to flush...Please help!!! -
Answer 1
Recommend changing the transmission fluid and filter every 30,000 miles under normal conditions -
Answer 2
A Corolla transmission that has the transmission oil pan removed to get all the fluid out and debris cleaned out and the fluid changed every 30k will last 300k without any need to "flush" the transmission with a flushing machine. -
Comment 1
You need to read this article . I learned about why not to "flush" and the fact Toyota uses specif fluids. http://www.agcoauto.com/content/news/p2_articleid/45 -
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