transmission sensor / speedometer/odometer isn`t working on 1998 Ford Contour

my husband replaced the starter
now the check engine light is on. Had that checked, says that the sensor for the transmission isn`t working properly also the speedometer stopped working. He just doesn`t know where the sensor is. Was wondering if you could send a diagram

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for a diagram go to under forum you can find one there if not make a request for it and someone will post one up for FREE. The sensor is on the transmission where the engine and transmission connect
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Was your husband able to fix this problem? Do you know what he had to do to get it fixed?
Thanks for your time!
if you have a auto value out there go to them far i know they do free hook up to check it why the engine light is on they will give you a diagram and a print out where the problem is and where to find that sensor they told where all mine were my engine light been off since good luck