Transmission Replacement on 2003 Volvo V70

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My transmission regularly fails to shift from second to third gear, but will work when warmed up, usually. What would a replacement transmission cost if I couldn't repair the existing one.
Thanks CJ
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Hi CJ.

The typical overhaul for this transmission which includes removal, inspection, installing the overhaul kit, factory Volvo fluid, and new converter runs about $3100 inc. tax. However, with the problem that you are having, it could run up to $4500+ depending on if it needs electronics, valve body replacement, or other hard parts which are not normally included in the basic overhaul.

These transmissions can be tricky to repair and the key to properly repairing them is a thorough diagnosis before the transmission is disassembled. We use the factory Volvo VIDA diagnostic system to diagnose these issues and are very familiar with these cars.

Thanks for inquiring and please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.