1994 BMW 740iL Q&A

1994 BMW 740iL Question: transmission repair

where do I put transmission fluid in my car? wheres the dipstick located at? -
Answer 1
The transmissions on these cars are sealed and are a pain in the ass to have serviced. I have a 1994 BMW (Big Money Wasted) 740 iL and will never own another BMW again. If the transmission program light comes on, expect $2,800 for s new one and a thousand less for a used one. While you have the transmission down make sure to replace the main seal. You will need to do it immediately. -
Comment 1
After finally getting the original owner's manual for the car, the Trans Program light indicates that the TCM module needs to be replaced under the hood about $1,075 from the dealer and $365 used. -
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