Transmission quit on 1998 Dodge Ram Van 1500

Bought the Van yesterday and run fine shifting nicely for about 40 mls. Turned the corner at stoplight and that was it. Engine runs perfect, revs up but van does not move anymore. I can feel the slight difference in the engine sound when I shift in gear but no movement. Someone told me that they have electronic problems and it could be only a fuse. Any suggestions? Trany shop want $`1,100 without looking at it.

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Check the obvious first and see if the transmission oil level is OK or if it is OK does the oil look or smell burned. Next look to see if the transmission is all wet and showing signs of an oil leak. After that it could be electrical but is most likely to be mechanical failure of the transmission. Do you have any recourse with the person you bought the truck from?
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Try replacing tranny fluid & filter