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2006 Ford Fusion Question: transmission problems with 2006 Fusion

I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and it will not go into 3rd and 4th gear. I bought this car brand new!I took it back to the dealership and they are saying that it is unfixable, there are no replacement parts for that transmission and I need a new transmission at the cost of $5150.00. Has there been any recalls? Please help! Something has to be done! My car is shot after 5 years. -
Answer 1
Maybe try a bigger wrecking yard that supplies body shops, Because somewhere there is a wrecked Fusion with the transmission that you are looking for or call a couple of the bigger body shops in your area and ask them who they use. Hope this helps -
Answer 2
No Recalls... I don't know how many miles you have, but you may be able to contact Ford to ask for help. 1-800-392-3673. If you are under say...75,000 miles, you may have a shot at it. In the meantime, check out this thread here on RepairPal...it's rather lengthy... http://repairpal.com/transmission-problem-242 -
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