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1997 Ford Probe Question: transmission problems?

the overdrive light is blinking and it does not seem to want to shift...the transmission fluid is full -
Answer 1
The blinking MIL means you have a hard fault and the powertrain control system needs to be tested to see what fault dtc's are present. Without any code given or more detailed symptoms, any answer we give you would be a guess. Time to spend some money and get some facts to try and DIAGNOSE your problem. Good luck. -
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Thanks you for your answer,, I realize there is not much information given to really diagnose the problem, but I was hoping someone would have some ideas before I took it to the shop. I am hoping it is only a loose hose or something. Do you think that could be it? I am taking it in on Monday, but in the meantime, I would love to get some ideas from other people as to what could be causing this. Thanks again for your help. -
Answer 2
I have the same problem in my ford probe please let me know what you found out about your car -
Answer 3
well i have a 1995 ford probe and it does the same thing the over drive light blinks and it will not shift at all it like it want catch when the light flashes but all wile its of it like the car is fine can u help me with this problem. -
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most of you with a shifting troubles should first buy a new 'neutral safety switch" and go from there. its located on top front of transmission below your air intake tubing. i had the same trouble with my 1995ProbeSE. im still working on the O/D light occassionaly but i just found out that my radiator was mixing tranny fuid and radiator in my tranny fouling up my temp. and pressure balance causing it to act up after about 40 miles of driving. No tranny fluid in radiator tho. i also installed a cooling unit(mini-radiator) for my tranny. keeping these tranny's cooled is a must. -
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