Transmission problems on 2001 Saturn L200

I recently changed out my A/C compressor. After I finished my transmission makes like a clunk when it shifts gears. I'm getting a IAT (Intake Air Temp) Sensor code, saying that it could be a bad sensor, faulty wire, or bad connection. Was wondering if anyone had any insight into this?

by in Stafford, VA on August 07, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on August 07, 2009
Is the sensor still plugged in properly? it could have been knocked out during the A/C work. Can't really say about the trans problem, maybe the extra load ( from the A/C compressor ) is effecting the shifting. Best of Luck!
ANSWER by on April 23, 2010
IAT is intake air temp sensor/plugs into air snorkle right after air filter bofore getting to throttle body/has tendency for broken wire right at sensor connector.
ANSWER by on November 03, 2012
I had this problem of shifting hard after i worked on the car. I left the vacuum hose off the air intake /filter housing. I reattached it and the shifdting returned to normal.
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