Transmission Problems on 1990 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1990 Buick LeSabre. When I start the car I hear a rattling lick a stone is in the engine or transmission. When I drive it it is stuck in first gear. Reverse works. The car will jump and jolt forward like i hit a wall and then go agian. Could It be my torque converter or the clutches in the tranny. Please help

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Check your pcm for a TCC SOL fail. If you have one, then it is and easy and quick fix. If not, then probably be looking a xmission rebuild
i chang that
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It can't be a torque converter problem if the symptom is as you described. I sorry to tell you that you have catastrophic transmission failure. Not what you wanted to hear but that's what it is.
whats that
Try getting the Clutch Fly wheel replace that would do the fix...
when i got it i didnt get the fly wheel
it dont change gears at all when i put it in drive it dont change at all i have to put it in low gear
A ratlle is not caused by a solenoid which is just a sophisticated switch. A ratlle is caused by a mechanical failure where a physical piece of metal comes loose or something analogous to this. If the rattle is in the transmission and the rattle is the cause of being stuck in first then you almost surely have a mechanical failure as mentioned by other people.

Most likely it is either the valve body, driven sprockets, or clutch plates. No way to know without taking the transmission apart.

There are other ways it could get stuck in first but there would not be a rattle with any of these. Things like fuses, vacuum leaks, Solenoids, pcm not grounded, other circuits not gounded, Neutral safety switch issues, modulator, modulator solenoid and a few others.

Torque converter mostly works at higher speeds when braking. Probably not your problem. With Torque converter problems the car just runs in gears 1,2, and 3. But with much worse gas mileage.