transmission problems on 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor

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My 2005 Endeavor has started vibrating when driving..began all at once and is worse when going uphill sometimes will stop when I ease off the gas and then press the petal again but always comes back..feels like the whole vehicle is vibrating and struggling to keep going
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I'm having the same problem between 25-38 miles per hour a heavy vibration is occurring. The dealer is going to look at this for me next week. I'm told it may be a transmission issue.
It sounds like you may be experiencing torque-convertor shutter. If this is the case, have your transmission fluid changed, including a "flush." This flush will clean out the buildup inside the torque converter as well as back flush the internal fluid filter.
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I had this same issue. It turned out that the transmission converter was damaged (this was causing the vibration). However, they had to fix the whole transition since they found metal particles in the system and the transmission was failing at the 3rd and 4th shift, and therefore simply changing the converter would not work - $1,600 for the whole thing.