transmission problems on 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor

when I first start the car in the morning it doesn't want to shift out of first gear. The gear shift light seems to be stuck on nuetral light. Would this indicate needing a new transmission or could it be something simple. Fluids are good.

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I just looked to see if Mitsubishi have any recalls, reprogramming issues, or technical service bulletins regarding this issue but they don't. I would call a few Mitsubishi dealers and ask them if they have seen this before. Your Endeavor is relatively new do you have any warrentee? A dealer should have a scan tool with diagnostic capabilities fro the transmission. I would love to know what the problem turns out to be.
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The same thing happens to me every morning...I would love to know how do you solve the situation. Can you answer the question. I took the unit to 3 dealers and they think they must change the whole system for a huge $ 1,500.00 cost. Please advice ASAP