Transmission problems on 2007 Dodge Charger

I'm driving a SE charger, and I can't get it out of park after I had started the vehicle. The car has 41k miles on it, and I've never had problems with the transmission. What do I do? I called the dodge dealer mechanic, and he had no clue as to what it was. None of the indicator lights are on, what do I do?

by in Pensacola, FL on August 07, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 07, 2009
In the shift lever console there is a shift lever switch that has several wires, the first is an ignition unlock wire used for run and start, second wire is ground, third is stop light input, 5th and 6th are CAN bus communication wires. To take the car out of park the switch needs to see an input from the brake light switch, if you can't get the car out of "park" get a friend to check and see if you have brake lights when this failure occurs, if not the brake light switch or circuit to that point has a problem. If the brake lights work when you can't get the vehicle out of park the switch in the center console needs to be inspected. On a lot of cars (not Dodge) that I work on coffee of soft drinks spilled in the center console area ends up causing the switch to fail but I don't know where the "cup holders" are in your car of if that could be a possibility.
ANSWER by on May 24, 2010
remove the cupholder insert.find the slot that accsess the shifter mechanism,there is a pink tab attached to the shifter mechanism this is the emergency release.push it down while moving shifter out of park(car off,key on) it should move.if not play with it it will eventuly release.all new chrysler cars with floor shifters have this.
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