transmission problems on 1994 Chrysler LHS

shifted fine last night, but today , would not shift out of 2nd gear. the fluid is full & clean

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Check the throttle position sensor.
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It is not a failure it is a feature called "limp" mode can be caused by many factors try to run diagnostics to start from there
input and output sensor on the driver side of the tranny needs replaced (there cheap) you could clean the metal off the magnets
Can you explain to me about the input/output sensor and the magnets? What is this sensors function? My car suddenly shifted to 1st or 2nd gear while doing 70mph. I still have that gear and reverse only.
You may need a transmission soon, get some oil treatment put in and hope for the best
that is what my 1999 lhs is doing.... when u driving up to about 40mph it seems not to want to grab 3rd gear right. it only stall and the rpm's only increase but no increase in speed. that seems to be a 2 gear selonoid problem
i have a 1994 lhs and i had to put a (( PCM and a TCM )) in it... but it look's like it was the PCM