Transmission problem, difficulty in shifting into 2nd and 3rd. What should I do? on 2001 Volvo S80

My 2001 S80 has started to show some problems. The automatic transmission finds it difficult to shift into 2nd and 3rd gears and often the rpm goes higher than usual for it to shift successfully. But the problem is erratic and it often becomes easier to shift if I press harder on the gas pedal. No problems downshifting or in any other gears. The transmission oil was recently changed as it seemed burnt. The problem then seemed to go away but came back again after a couple of days. What steps can I take and what would be the cheapest way to diagnose and solve the problem?


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Hey Neil, Volvo had quite a few issues with these transmission, so it's likely too late to fix this, it may need to be replaced, especially since the fluid was burnt. However, you can stil take a few measures to try and address this. I would make sure the fluid is the correct type and the level is OK, and have the transmission software is up to date. After updating the SW, a proper test drive must be performed to ensure the shift patters are adjusted correctly, this is called "setting adaptation". Best to have a Volvo shop do this.
Good luck.