2006 Toyota Tundra Q&A

2006 Toyota Tundra Question: Transmission Problem?

Hello, I have a 2006 Toyota Tundra. When I come to a complete stop I feel a kick from what i think is the transmission. My transmission does not slip or miss any gears . Is this something i should worry about? -
Answer 1
Transmission fluid is low or burnt and transmission mount my possibly be cracked. This has happened to my 2006 and it would kick the same way. This started at 70k, now I'm at 89k and my transmission is possibly going out now. I would get it checked ASAP. When they did a full tranny flush the dealership said they oil was low, pretty burnt, and had light metal scrap. -
Answer 2
that's what mine does, I don't know what wrong. can you tell me -
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