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2006 Ford Five Hundred Question: Transmission problem

After driving on the freeway for an hour or so and then going to city driving, the transmission slips in first and second gear creating a hard bump. It does this numerous times. I took it in to a mechanic and there were no codes coming up and he could not duplicacte the problem. As soon as I took it back on the road, it continued to do the same thing. -
Answer 1
Same thing is happening to my '05. Had the issue in the past and took it in. They downloaded some "NEW" software and it got better for a little while then it started happening again. This time they said it needed a transmission control module for a total of $2200, naturally after the warrenty ran out. Just been dealing with the problem but it's getting to the point where I have to do something no matter what the cost. -
Answer 2
I was having this problem as well. It seems to be a problem with the Valve body on the transmission for this specific type of transmission. I had to get it replaced, and the guy replaced JUST the valve body, not the cylinoids (spelling?) around it, and it worked correctly again. -
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Whad did it cost you to change the valve body? -
Comment 2
My 07 F500 trany was quite rough when shifting from park to reverse and drive; no codes showed but the Ford dealer in Tempe, TX inspected the throttle body and found it to be dirty, as I understand. They replaced the throttle body, and now everything seems fine. -
Answer 3
MY 07 F500 with 51000 miles would clunk when going from park tp reverse or drive. No codes showed, but the dealer inspected the throttle body and found it to be dirty, as I understood. They replaced the throttle body and now all seems fine. -
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I have replaced the throttle body twice (at $800 each) in the last 4 years and now my 2005 Ford 500 is doing the same thing. Not to mention I am having th same A/C problems that many others seem to be having. This car seems to be becoming a money pit. -
Answer 4
I was having this problem as well. When the transmission would shift into passing gear it would shift so hard it felt like the engin & transmission may fall out of the car. The Ford dealership checked it out, and said there were no problems found in the computer check. I told them to check out the transmission, NOT the computer. They orderd the new transmission and replaced it the next weel. -
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