Transmission Problem on 2003 Pontiac Aztek

I have an automatic transmission. My problem is while in drive the car will not shift out of first gear. I can go up to 20 to maybe 30 miles an hour then it slips to neutral. when the car slows down to about 15 mph it then goes back to first gear. My question is does this always conclude I need to get my transmission rebuilt or replaced? Could bad or low transmission fluid cause this?

by in Niagara Falls, NY on March 11, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 11, 2011
Always start by evaluating your fluid. If it is low, you must have a full transmission to operate properly. Start there. If it is burnt or dirty, you may already have internal troubles.
ANSWER by on March 11, 2011
yes low tranny fluid can cause many problems .so check your fluid level and if fluid level is fine. more than like your looking at rebuilding the transmission or completely replacing it. best option is to buy brand new for warranty purposes as a rebuild only has a limited warranty along parts and labor cost.
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