Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission on Buick Regal

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 88,246 (8,684–159,324)
7 model years affected: 1991, 1994, 1996, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003
25 people reported this problem
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the transmission shift erraticallt when in 3 and drive it feels like it is shifting in and out of overdrive cause he rpms go up about 750rpms and causes the car to surge when driving constant speed or going up hill over 30mph (out of second gear)
The transmission downshifts while driving steady(constant speed) this occures at 60 mph and at 30mph mostly, at least these two speed ranges are the most notable. The shifting is erratic and and does not occure frequently, maybe 2 or 5 times a month. One time at 60mph it shifted from overdrive down to second and the engine rpm jumped up to approx 4000rpm. The GM dealer and 3 garages have been no help.
Feels like i'm driving a stick shift an starting out in the wrong gear
During driving the transmission begins to slip and shift randomly. when the car is turned off and back on it starts to ride normal again.
when car is cold transmission doesn't want to shift in reverse
Won't shift like it is supposed to
shifts hard runs rich,high
Does shift from 1st to 2nd
Car shudders and rpms become erratic at/near shift points, especially accelerating uphill. Problem was mild at first, but became progressively worse. Mechanic ran codes and it came up as the shift solenoid. Estimated $2,000 to rebuild trans.
car want change untill 35 mil hr just go 22mph
Car shift erratically after it shift to 2nd. Automatic trans.
slowed down to make a corner, accel and wife said engine went to 4000, like in went to "n". pulled over, restarted did the same. pulled over and turned engine of, restarted ran fine. had trans tech look at, test drove several time no problem. he pulled the pan, found some metal on the magnet. serviced filter, fluid. test drove again, fine. wife drove home 40 miles ran fine
I'll just be driving down the road and it'll start trying to shift down out of no where