Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission

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The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

not changing gears smoothly can feel a slight bump -
hard shifting first and second gear only after the car has been running for 20 mins. If I turn the car off for a few mins. The car shifts ok for about 20 mins. Then problem starts again. -
My 2005 lesabre transmission shifts hard, you feel the shifting from first to seconard and to final shift, is this the pressure control switch. and is it expansive to fix. thank you frank -
Hard shift once the car reaches normal temperature. -
It started around 125000 miles. It only happens when it is cold (usually below freezing). When I shift into reverse to back out of the garage the first time in the morning it really goes into gear with a wham. After that it usually doesn't do it again until next morning. I don't know if it is doing any harm or not. It hasn't been fixed. -
Took a year to diagnose as the shuddering sensation and hard shift was intermittent... I finally found the possible cause on internet to take to the mechanic... 5 hour labor job for a faulty part that should have been recalled... listed on NHSTA website as a bad seal on solenoid allows in dirt and fails -
My 2001 Lesabre jerks as it shifts, but it doesn't always happen. If it does it, it continues to do it. But the next time it might work fine. I have learned to let off the gas and let it slowly shift into the next gear. My husband does not do that so when he drives it really chugs into gear. I have no idea other than what I have read about the transmission solenoid being the problem. But I think that it is strange that it does not always do it. I was quoted $640 to replace the shift solenoid. -
transmission slipping from 2nd to 3rd gear. Banging into gear -
The automatic transmission jerks slightly with normal gear transitions; jerks harder when stringly accelerating. -
occasional heavy shifting -
Just bought this car as is.Seems to have a shifting issue between 1st& 2nd Gears.Their is a little nudge or glitching of the gears,not very smooth.At higher speed (3rd 4th )you can't tell if their is any issues,it seems to be smooth.Going to have a transmission place check it out.Report later the issue & cost. -
erratic shifting; shifting too early into 2nd and 3rd; and the transmission does not properly downshift when speed is reduced -
transmission shifts very rough, after engine is hot, seems more noticable in lower gears -
Already had this problem. Kept driving and ended with a rebuilt transmission -
Hard shifting after warm up. No issues in cold weather (Minnesota). -
transmission bumps or shifts hard a low speeds, searching for a common diagnosis -
There is a "clump" sound when changing gears. After driving for a while, then turning the car off, it can act weird on start up. -
transmission changes smooth but after a few miles it bumps after changing but not all the time mechanic suggested overhauling transmission what is best -
occasional slight shudder on 1-2 shift. -
Bump between gears (auto) after 20 minutes. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN RECALLED. Bad PR, Buick!! -
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