Chevrolet Venture Problem Report

Chevrolet Venture Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission

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The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

I have erratic shifting problems when i hit the gas the transmission misses at 20mph to 30mph! and the engine just reves when im on the gas. to get it to go i have to let off the gas and press back on the gas. only happens at 20mph to 30mph. -
Whining going up hills, hard shifts, was told need a new transmission from 3 different qualified mechanics!!! I did get the tranny flushed, which stopped the whining, but the transmission would shift up to 20 times, maybe even more anytime I went up hills. FINALLY ... I found this product on the internet that comes highly recommended. Seafoam Transtune. (This is the Transtune Product - not the engine treatment. I reads: Seafoam Trans Tune). So I go to the store and the guy talks me into Lucas. Sigh. So I put in Lucas and nada! Same problems. I wait a few weeks and this time I had to go to 4 different stores before I found this bottle of Seafoam Transtune. I have the best running van now. No hard shifts, no multiple shifts, no big dollar repair bill. Do yourself a favor, go get some, and put it in your tranny. You could save yourself a few thousand in repairs. Good Luck All. -
Van Shifts hard at times. If I pull over and take key out wait 5 min. put key back in start up and drive away no issues -
slow take off -
Will not go into 1st gear....Hard shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear....Added Lucas but no result....Code says shift solenoid....the part is cheap ($20) but a real bi#@h to install. Looking at about $600 labor. -
Hard shifting started at random only on occasion and not every gear. Did and fluid filter change and added a qt. of Lucas transmission stabilizer. Shifted perfect for almost a week then hard shifts came back only this time in every gear starting after about 10-12 miles of driving. The simplest way to check if the PCS is to blame is after the hard shifts start turn the van off remove the key wait 1-2 minutes turn on start driving, if the hard shifts are gone more than likely the PCS is the problem and it will need to be replaced. I have ordered the part waiting for it to get here so I can replace it. If you are not able to DIY take it to a transmissions only shop not a big chain that works on transmissions too. Cost will be between $600-$800 if done by a shop. DIY cost $150-$250. -
hard shifting when warm, replaced pressure control solenoid. -
New transmission at 145,000 miles...still not sure it has fixed the problem. Main computer was thought to be causing the transmission to fail. Also installed a transmission cooler. -
Not fixed, I'm on a fixed income and will have to drive it untill it won't drive anymore. I'm still paying on it -
Hard Shifting at times...other times it is smooth like new! -
It started slipping as it changes gear. The anti break light came on right before it started happening -
Suddenly started hard shifting. Next day no more shifting problems. -
starts to pulsate as if it can't make up its mind whether to shift into fourth gear or not. From a stop, it rolls out gently to 3 miles an hour then seems to grab suddenly as if it had never shifted down to low gear when the car stopped. -
It is starting to shift hard at times but not all the time yet. -
shifts really hard -
Im already replace the PCS, but the code 1810 come back again after 5 miles -
hard shifts -
Started when driving in the mountains on vacation at very high outside temps. Now it shifts hard whenever it is hot outside and I am driving a few miles. Will shift hard at other times also. Chevy dealer has investigated several times, but can not come up with an answer. I am hoping to try the Solenoid or cleaning the MAF. Thanks. -
Currently have occasional shifting pulsations, I was told it is a computer problem, will need to get repaired, again the mechanic said this was a big probelm with the Venture from 1999 to 2001 models ..... -
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