Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Transmission Leak From Output Shaft Seal

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One or both transmission output shaft seals may leak. Our technicians tell us that worn bushings inside the transmission could be the cause of the damaged seals. Our technicians tell us that if a bushing is worn, excess play will be noted where the drive axle attaches to the transmission.

Noticed Transmission spots and took it to local shop. They informed me that it I needed to replace bushing and seal on the driver side, he also noticed a small antifreeze leak due to the gaskets around the water pump, also common. Transmission Tech said that its common on these kinds of cars to have this problem. -
Rebuild the trany -
Had the seal changed $189.00 seal leaked the next day. -
Dr. side trans output shaft seal began slow drip.Costs around $5.00. time to repair 90 minutes. cost of labor $138.00 -
The problem is the bushing! A cheap part but the engine needs to be removed. Not cheap labor!! Part of the problem led from a failed engine mount that I have replaced and yes the trans leaks like crazy in reverse. Cost to repair about $1600.00. Do not let your trans run out of or low on fluid it will burn up. -
transmission fluid leaking at driver side output shaft. New oil seal didn't fix. Needs bushing replaced, cost is extremely high. -
When ever I put my car in reverse it sometimes leaks transmission fluid everywhere. -
Right transaxel seal is leaking,added stop leak, it worked a little -
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