Transmission or transfer case issue on 2003 Ford Explorer

Please help, I had my transmission rebuilt about 3 months ago. A few times since then going from Reverse into Drive the car stutters .... hesitates. I took it back to the mechanic and I was told it was the transfer case. Also it's making a sreeching noise when you put it in park. I could use guidance. Thank you in advance for any help or information you can give.

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does it shift ok?? is there nay noise when moving?? it sounds like the trans from your description.
get a second opinion to make sure. it is under warranty and if it is the trans, then they should make it right for you.

Thank you for the quick response! It shifts okay. It only Stutters occassionally when going from Reverse to Drive. I took it to the guy who did the transmission and yes it is still under warranty with him and he is the one telling me it's not the tranny it's the transfer case. My car is not a full time 4 wd so I thought the transfer case had more to do with the four wheel drive system
it does but is also part of the 2 wheel drive system too. i still think it is trans related. take it to a trans shop and have them check it for you and give you the reason for the shutter.

Thank you Roy! I appreciate it. I'm thinking i should get a second opinion from another mechanicand then if it is the transmission the guy that warrantied the work should fix it.