Transmission or clutch on 1997 Honda Civic

Had clutch replaced 30 days ago and driving home hard to get car to go in gear. Stuck in neutral, rocked to get in 1st gear to get home and now it will not do anything. When in neutral it acts like it is in a gear. When I go get it in a gear the car will not move.

by in Warrior, AL on September 04, 2012
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ANSWER by on September 05, 2012
Check shifter linkage.
ANSWER by on September 05, 2012
if its adjustable ck adj to start.sounds like there might be in in the system if its hydraulic if so have it bled
ANSWER by on September 05, 2012
I know this may sound stupid , but was it a shop that did the work and is there any chance of warranty? With it shut off what does the clutch pedal feel like ? Again , with it off , does the shifter feel like it moves through the proper positions for each gear? When you get the car in gear and it doesn't move , is there any strange grinding noise? an axle shaft may not be in completely.
COMMENT by on September 05, 2012
Oh, yes, a shop did the clutch and there is a 90 day warranty. I am thinking that when they replaced the clutch something wasn't done right because I know they had to drop the axles and transmission to install the clutch and when we got the car home the next day checked the fluid in the transmission there was no fluid and ever since the clutch was replaced it has been giving problems shifting into gear. With the car shut off the clutch pedal felt loose but we didn't try to move from gear to gear with it off. no grinding noise when in gear. Goes into gear fine with motor running but then you can't get it out of that gear without rocking the car back and forth. When the car is in 1st gear and you try to go forward you can feel the car trying to move but it doesn't go anywhere. The shop just called and said there is no neutral and gears were locked up and they were going to have to tear it apart to see what was going on with it. This is my grandson's car and I don't know a lot but I am really leery of trusting these guys are this point. Only reason I have it there is because of the warranty on the clutch which I have a feeling they will find a reason not to honor that. If this has to do with the clutch problems. then I think they should. However, if it is just one of those things, then they should have no liability and it should be on me to foot the bill. I don't want to get hosed over in the meantime. Had a retired mechanic tell me the synchros were stuck between the gears. I just don't know.
COMMENT by on September 05, 2012
Sounds like you should escape that shop before they tear the trans apart.
COMMENT by on September 05, 2012
Well, that was my thoughts exactly. He called this evening and said that he believes one of the forks is bent and has sheared the pin but to be definite he would have to take the transmission apart. I asked him how much that was going to cost and he said he wasn't going to charge anything for opening it up and he would tell me what he finds and we could discuss the costs at that time. I asked him what if I didn't want him to repair what was wrong after he opened the transmission. He said then he would put it back togther and I could have someone come get the car. He went on to tell me that he was going to give me credit for what I had paid for the clutch replacement and that when he opened the transmission he would inspect it to see what damage was done and look for any other problems that may cause problems in the future and he would inspect the clutch as well and if the clutch was damaged as a result of this problem then he would honor the 90 day warranty. I still have the feeling moreso than before that when they replaced the clutch whoever did the job did not full the transmission back up with fluid and this has caused the problems otherwise why would he be willing to do this? I told him not to do anything until I came to his shop in the morning and we put what he was telling me in writing. I'm not the smartest person when it comes to these things and I am a woman but I am not the dumbest either. He also knows that I work in the legal field because when he had the car to replace the clutch I had given him a business card with my contact info on it. What are your thoughts on this? Should I trust him or should I not? Thank you for discussing this with me.
COMMENT by on September 06, 2012
Have you dealt with this shop before and did they treat you fair? I'm kind of stuck as far as giving any more opinions on whether or not to let him do the repairs , but from how you've described it , and without being there to hear his tone of voice or see his facial expressions (you know how much that counts from your business),I 'm inclined to see what he does to try to make it right. If it was just honest human error than let it be that and hope for the best. Good luck and let us know how it works out please.
COMMENT by on September 06, 2012
Well, I went there this morning and sat down with him face to face and he came up with an agreement that he would open the transmission and see what damage was done and check the clutch as well give me an estimate on the costs and give me credit for the clutch job he did 30 days ago and take care of any problems with the clutch now. If I choose not to let him do the work, then I am free to have the car taken elewhere and owe him nothing. So, I guess I am going to see what he will do. I had not used him prior to the clutch job but since he has put two oxygen sensors on the car and the price on both was reasonable. I did ask around town and he has a pretty good reputation. It's a really small town. I will let you know what happens. thanks again.
COMMENT by on September 09, 2012
You're welcome and good luck. It does sound like he's concerned about his reputation more than money , THAT'S a good thing both for you and for his business.
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