transmission only goes into reverse,and scrapes and acts like it wants to pull in 1st on 1997 Dodge Ram 2500

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this truck has had 3 transmissions put in it,been taken care of very well.
it shifts into reverse fine,and makes a scraping noise and acts like it wants to pull when shifting to first.and has no other forward gears.
I"ve changed the tranny filter and fluid ...found metal shavings,no chunks and didnt look too terrible.
I dont think changing the tranny again will help since previous owners tried that numerous times...any advice for me please?
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Metal shavings are never good when servicing a trans. I used to rebuild transmissions at Dearlerships and trust me, metal is not good. Are you replacing the trannys with new factory units? Because this is really the only way to go. Most rebuilds just don't last. Also the factory trannys have the updated valve bodies, which is critical. If there is a trans computer, usually that gets replaced as well because it can cause the repeated failures of the trannys.
Im having same problem with my 1997 Dodge 2500, the research I've done has lead me to believe it was a seloniod or front pump has gone out. I've talked with several other individuals who said, they've gone through numerous front pumps until they found someone who knew their was an alighnment issue with the pump he fixed it and never had the problem again.