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Ford Fusion Transmission Oil Leaks from Left Side Half Shaft Area

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If the transmission oil leaks out of left side half shaft area, it may be from a worn axle shaft seal. The seal can be damaged by a poor surface finish on the axle shaft. The axle shaft and seal should be replaced to correct the problem.

I found a leak on the left side of the car when it was getting a regular oil change. Had the left side axle and seal into transmission replaced, about two weeks later I discovered another leak in the same place. I was told by the Ford Dealer that the warratty ran out after 60,000 miles. It shouldn't matter about the warranty when the problem is from the factory. Come on Ford get with the program. -
Seal, bushing and axle shaft were replaced on Left side at Ford garage under warranty. The same problem re-occured about a month later. Taking it in to get fixed again. Hope they fix it right this time. What a JOKE. Last Ford product I will buy. -
During Oil change informed of a leak and given the $500 bad news estimate. Looking for a mechanic to do the fix as I don't think Ford deserves the cash on this one. -
starting leaking transmission fluid from front left side. I had it towed to repair shop and the cost is 230.00 for parts, 60.00 for transmission fluid and 440.00 for the labor. Seems outrageous what they are charging for labor and this is at a Ford dealership. -
Have had our 2010 Ford Fusion less then a year and thankfully purchased an extended warranty. We noticed the transmission slipping really bad from 1st-2nd and it's more noticable when the car is cold. Just took it to the service center at the ford dealer and they replaced the drivers side axle seal. Got it home and a few hours later have noticed it's still leaking and a small puddle on the garage floor. Called the service center at the ford dealer and they are sending a tow truck down in the morning to get it and take another look at it and HOPEFULLY fix it! I would not recommend buying a Ford Fusion to ANYONE! They are known for this problem as well as the Ford Edge (in which we owned a 2007 edge that had the same problem) and the Escapes! I wish we had done our research before purchasing this car! BIG MISTAKE!!! -
Took my car in for a regular oil change and the mechanic discovered I had a leak in the axle shaft so now I am sitting with a loaner car waiting for a backordered part and no idea when I will get my car back. -
Transmission Fluid leaks seal at left CV joint. I took it to have it serviced due to slipping/ jerking when changing gears. Total of repairs cost me over $500.00, 4 days later, seal is broken again and needs to be replaced again. Ford needs to Recall this vehical...after seeing hundreds of exact same issue! -
I have only owned this car for about 6,000 miles. Found a puddle in my driveway about 6 inches around and took it into the ford dealer and they wanted $110 just to diagnose the problem and they couldnt look at it for 2 weeks. I took it to a local transmission shop and had it fixed for $300 on the same day I took it in. -
Trans seal leaking, rough shifting, especially when cold. Of course the powertrain warrenty is expired...should be a recall!!!! -
My son and I both have 2010 fusion's with leaking half shafts. Why doesn't ford fix this. It really stinks when they know they have a problem, but refuse to fix it. I own 3 Ford's!!! -
Oil leaks found on garage floor. Put vehicle on ramps, removed belly pan cover and found a transmission oil leak on the left side of transmission. Haven't had it in for a repair yet. -
Left axle seal leaking -
I have had the same problem with the axle seal and bearing. Local dealer ordered the parts which are backordered three weeks. Said car is ok to drive but may have to stop in for fuild until repair can be made. Won't give me a quart of extra fluid so I could keep it in the trunk. Too bad for them if it fails. Towing and rental car may be in their future. :( Now I have to keep cardboard on the garage floor. -
clunky bucking intermittent leaked out quarts over time Replaced half shaft seal and bushing to fix from a TSB -
left axle seal leaked. had it replaced under extended warranty. -
Same problem- ford wanted 750.00 minimum to fix- brought to a reliable repair shop- changes seal- still leaked- chafes seal again- STILL leaked- this started right after warranty ran out- dealer said no recall- ridiculous! How can you not recall something that obviously is an issue with LOTS of vehicles? SMH- last does I will own. -
At 26,703M left axle leak repaired under warranty. Today at 85,672M, right axle now leaking- $500 repair. Told me due to extreme cold at dealership. Funny, never happened with any other car I have owned. This should be a recall based on the string of complaints. This is ridiculous! -
Leaking on driver side from axle shaft.. Not happy -
Left side shaft oil seal leaking had seal replace and trans fluid, one year later same thing replace seal and shaft, now one month later its leaking again. Garage says to take it to a transmission shop because there must be a bearing problem, hate to see what that is going to cost. Called the ford dealer and they say they haven't heard of this problem and there is no recall just pay, what some liers, makes you think twice about getting another ford product. -
Been into repair shop 4 times now with blown axel shaft seal, replaced the axel, now they're saying they need to replace the bushings as well. This will be the 5th time i've brought the car in with leaking transmission fluids over the past 4 months. Repair shop seems to think replacing the bushings with fix the problem but not so sure from what I'm reading that the problem won't resurface down the road. Ford needs to do something about this problem. -
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