Transmission Oddity on 2000 Ford Explorer

My Explorer only seems to do this when it's raining or when driving on wet snow. At random times, could be every 1 minute or could be every 15 minutes. My transmission acts like it's down shifting for a split second, then goes right back. So I would have to assume that moisture is getting into something underneath my Explorer and freaking out the TCM or possibly a solenoid in the transmission. Anybody else ever heard of this before? If so, what's the common fix for it? If nothing else, where can I find some kind of a diagram that shows me where all my speed sensors are, where the TCM is located, and any solenoid electrical connections on the transmission?

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Any codes present ?
ive had this happen on two vehicles, both turned out to be a poor elect connection. a little delectric grease in the pigtail for the pcm workd both times.