transmission line from radiator leaking on 2000 Saturn SL2

how do you replace transmission line from radiator or can you

Asked by for the 2000 Saturn SL2
Yes you can. These are steel lines that connect one end at the radiator and one end at the transmission and serve to cool the transmission fluid at the radiator. This is a pain in the rear, but it can be done at home with a 5/8" wrench and a screwdriver. The tubing is available at and autoparts store at a reasonable price. The hardest part is removing and replacing the tube at the transmission, but once you figure out how to get to it, you are all set. Good luck.
In doing this task, would the check engine light ever come on? Mine has and I'm not sure if this is related.
MIL should NOT activate because if transmission line. Probably not related
My Saturn is leaking red fluid just under the radiator. Dime size droplets, I assume this would be a cracked radiator or fitting/line???