transmission jerks on 2003 Toyota Highlander

My 2003 Highander has started to jerk at various speeds. I have felt it as low as 35 mph and on the freeway at a steady speed of 65-70 and several times at speeds between. This happens under steady speeds and the car jerks as if it is an engine miss but definitely feels as if it is in the drive train, not a miss. I can drive for an 60+ miles and not have one episode, other times it happens 5-6 times in 20-30 miles. Always when hot so far. Is this something a simple filter and fluid change might help, other service? or transmission replacement likely needed?

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A qualified experienced technician should inspect your "jerking", and give you a direction to go in. Too hard to know what that feels like based off your description alone. My first impression is that you are looking at tune up items (plugs, etc), but when you said it's definitely in the drive train - it just opens things up so much. Hard to say what may be going on; transmissions can shudder, and you could have something else going on if you have a 4x4. Get a first hand road test or evaluation. Good luck.
Thank you for taking the time to respond! I will have it looked at.