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1999 Chrysler Town & Country Question: transmission issues

very bad transmission fluid leak put in fluid and leaks out even without engine running -
Answer 1
That's a very serious and expensive problem. You'll need to see a transmission specialist as soon as you can for a repair. Transmission problems on Chrysler vans are relatively common. -
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my light came on today stating im in need of a transmission flush but i was always told this is not a good sign in a car a transmission flush is rarely if ever needed what do i do
My 2002 Chrysler town and country will not shift into overdrive. The engine will rev and the RPMs will get higher, but it will not shift.
6/12 Had car checked at Galena Chrysler, they said they fixed the transmission problem & that lots of cars do this when it's trying to find the shift position. They did nothing!! It's 2012! I can...
The transmission has numerous problems; symptoms can range from shuddering to completely dying. The majority of the TSBs (service bulletins) require an overhaul of the transmission. Updated in...