Transmission issue on 1995 Honda Civic

I don't know if this is because the car is so old, or the recent extreme cold (low teens), but today my car suddenly started acting VERY poorly re transmission:

1. The clutch pedal has about zero resistance - I have to push it just about all the way to the floor. And then, it doesn't seem to want to 'come back' to the normal position.

2. It's suddenly VERY difficult to shift: First is nearly impossible, two is VERY hard (3rd and 4th seem OK, as well as 5th) - it seems to be very hard to push the stick INTO position - either reistance, or it just can't find the right 'spot'. And reverse is different - I seem to be able to push the stick in that position, but it's as if the clutch was not engaged - I get a 'grinding' noise.

Any ideas?

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This may indicate a failure of the hydraulic clutch system. Check the fluid level and top up if it's low. If it's OK, then you may have a bad clutch master cylinder or a bad slave cylinder.
Thanks, I brought the car to a transmission shop and it was indeed a bad slave cylinder which they replaced.