transmission interchange on 1998 Ford Taurus

What do I need to know when looking for a used tranny. My trans is a f8dp-ca. Will others work?

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If you are purchasing a trans from a wrecking yard, they will use a interchange book as its quite complicated and make sure your trans comes with a warranty just in case
Already did that. Got screwed... not that they will not take it back, just in that it was a three hour drive. I need to get my hands on the info for my car out of an interchange book... as I don't trust salvage yards and I don't want to pay a tranny shop.
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Well, then I guess you don't want it fixed!!!!!!! Those numbers mean nothing. Just put the same trans back in and try servicing it on a regular basis.
i have a 1994 f150 4x4 w/300 inline six with a 5sp what trans. will interchange