Transmission input shaft bearing removal on 1992 Chevrolet S10

Doing a clutch pressure plate throw out bearing clutch fork and fork ball replacement when trying to remove trans input bearing at rear of crank shaft not enough bearing left to remove with anything I have on hand is it permissable to use a small die grinder to reach into the back of the crank shaft and carefully grind the remaining bearing into then remove over 3/16 of brass bearing left deep in hole

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as tedious as it is, i use a sharp chisel and chip away till you can collapse it and remove it. be careful with the dye grinder as you may damage the rear of the crank.

Thanks for the advice got er done the chisel and the die grinder was the ticket.Got the old one out and the new input bearing in just getting started replacing the other parts any luck should be done in three to four hours.THANKS AGAIN THE "THE MAD DOG"