Transmission / ignition switch interlock? slips gears on 1998 Honda Accord

Transmission will not engage intermittently. Issue temporarily resolved while driving by placing transmission in neutral, turning key off, then restarting engine.

Appears to be a loose ground or a failing ignition switch/rod. Guessing there's an interlock associated with the key device. The recall for the car has already been done, yet continuous ignition problems that gremlinize various associated vehicle components. Associated symptoms are complete power loss and transmission slipping in all gears.

Trade in?

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it is very common on these that the elect part of ign switch behind key and tumbler goes bad and causes all sorts of pwr issues
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The 'interlock' recall was simply put- to keep the key from coming out of the ignition switch when not in ''park'. That has nothing to do with the electrical portion of the ignition switch function. If the trans is slipping while driving , then first check the fluid level(car off ,on level ground). The other problem they did have was , as stated , with the electrical portion failing and most commonly causing a 'stall' condition. If you still suspect an electrical problem , and the car is in good enough shape , to be worth it to you, then have the trans 'scanned' at a dealer and make sure they give you the codes (specific) and post them. One other thing to watch for is if the 'D' light flashes at all when symptoms occur , that would be a deffinite indication of trans problem and that codes are stored (not necessarily turning on the check engine light).
If you can afford to purchase another vehicle, don't waste you money on the honda.