Transmission Flush on 2005 Saturn Ion

IS it true that only the dealer can do a Trans flush on a Saturn Ion? I have gotten conflicting info so I want to be sure.

Asked by for the 2005 Saturn Ion
Any shop with the proper equipment should be able to flush the transmission in your 2005 Saturn Ion. Shops without the proper knowledge or equipment may simply drain and refill the transmission, not perform a complete "flush". I would suggest asking whoever services your transmission not to use any "flush" chemicals or cleaners. These cleaners can remove to much built up varnish in the transmission valve body which can lead to shifting problems. I would recommend the following service on the transmission of your Ion. Depending on the condition of the fluid. If the fluid is "OK" removing the trans pan, replacing the filer, and refilling the fluid should be all that is necessary, any good repair shop should be able to perform this service. If your fluid is very brown or smells burnt then in addition to the above service I would add a transmission fluid exchange. Special equipment and knowledge is necessary to perform the fluid exchange. You will need to check with your local repair shop the see if they can perform the fluid exchange. Removing the transmission pan does not drain all of the fluid from the transmission, that is the reason for performing the fluid exchange procedure after replacing the filter if the condition of the fluid warrants it.