transmission flush on 2003 Honda Accord

transmission flush: Is it necessary to use Honda fluid? Will generic do?

by in Fairfield, NJ on February 21, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on February 21, 2009
The price difference between generic transmission fluid and the Honda ATF Z1 is not that different, maybe a dollar a quart. Honda claim they have a special friction modifier in their oil and we use it in all our customers cars. Trans oil change is very simple on this car no oil pan to remove.
ANSWER by on February 22, 2010
Definetly use the honda fluid. otherwise shift feel as well as overall transmission function will be affected. if universal wopuld work and is cheaper do you not think the dealer would use it too. One less fluid to stock. Transmission as well as other fluids are not one size fits all. Mike
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