Transmission fluid, Timing Belt/Chain on 2011 Toyota Corolla

Hi, My car is Corolla S 2011, and I have 2 questions.

1. Every how many miles I need to change the automatic transmission fluid? It doesnt say on TOYOTA manual book.

2. Does it wear timing belt/chain? Do I need to change it? If yes, how many miles I need to change?

Thank you very much

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Toyota use a synthetic fluid called WS in the transmission, I may not change it until 60k after that every 30k. Not sure that the transmission is "sealed". Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW had a common transmission before the said never needed the oil changed, sealed for life, life was 60,000 miles.
Long timing chain life is aided by frequent engine oil changes!
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i would not do the trans fluid till around 60-70k.

your timing chain is done at an engine overhaul. no mileage interval.

thank you roy for the answer. By using timing chain means life time chain, so I dont need to change it? I asked TOYOTA tech about transmission fluid, he said corolla 2011 have sealed transmissions and the fluid never needs to be changed, is that true? Lifetime transmission fluid? Thank you so much