transmission fluid leak on 2004 Ford Taurus

i occasionally find a very small amount of transmission fluid on the driveway after driving the car. it doesn't happen all the time and my mechanic stated he couldn't see anything under the vehicle that looked like it was leaking. i did have a problem with a leak a few months ago when i had my oil changed. found out that jiiffy lube didn,t have the trani dip stick all the way in,and it leaked from this area. dip stick is all the way in and trani fluid islevel is ok.the car was driven across country (2,400 miles) so i no it is not puddling fluid spilling over from the engine block.

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Some times transmission fluid leaks are hard to pinpoint. Try putting a white piece of paper under neath your car after you park it on your drive way. Then when there is a drip look up and try to find the area where the drip is coming from. Remember, Ford uses a power steering fluid that is basically just like transmission fluid and the Ford power steering reservoir caps are known to leak a bit.