transmission fluid change on lincoln aviator on 2004 Lincoln Aviator

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how do ichange the transmission fluid
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You are supposed to have a speacial adaptor for the drain plug, but here is what you do, the tranny filter is 30 bucks at advance auto, buy your tranny fluid at walmart to save, make sure and look in your owners manual to get the right type, then drain fluid via drain plug in pan, re-install drain plug in your tranny pan, replace the filter, now take all tranny pan bolts and start the threads back all the way around the pan, then buy a cheap suction pump, like harbour frieght tools, or advance, pump the fluid back into the pan til it starts to leak from the top of the pan, then tighten all the bolts back on the pan, MAKE SURE to remeber to put your re-usable gasket back on the tranny pan...