1996 Jaguar XJ6 Q&A

1996 Jaguar XJ6 Question: transmission fluid burning should i change it

my transmission fluid is burning should i change the fluid someone told me it would kill the transmission permanently but i read it should be change every 60,000 miles what should i do? plus my cam pos. sensor and throttle pos. sensor has been bad for about 2000 miles could that be the cause -
Answer 1
yes and no. if you meant that the fluid is leaking onto the exhaust and burning, yes, that must be fixed, it might be a leaking pan gasket or front pump seal or something else. just changing the fluid ain't going to fix a leak. if you have never ever ever serviced the transmission, yes, it is an outside possibility that the new fluid will cause problems. no, the sensors do not cause fluid leaks. -
Comment 1
the fluid isnt leaking at all the transmission fluid itself is burnt its lost all its color n now smells a bit like crayons has a yellowish brown color. I have only had the car for about a 2 years and never had it serviced by a jaguar dealer i have no clue if the person that owned it before me did. It stuggles badly to climb hills and steep roads which i drive on quite often. I was wondering if the fluid is worth changing or should i jus look for a new transmission now -
Comment 2
in this case, yes, new fluid may cause even more problems. you really won't know until you try to service the transmission you now have, which i would still do before spending the money on rebuilding the old tranny. this whole thing could have been prevented by regular service; a trained tech would have seen this long ago. -