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2005 Cadillac CTS Question: transmission fluid

need to drain transmission fluid I am DIY person....where do i replace fluid and how.car has 78k miles with no problems. thanks dumbblund -
Answer 1
You will have to remove the transmission pan and only replace the fluid that drains out. After you replace the pan, you will have to remove a plug on the side of the transmission to check the fluid level with the vehicle running. The fluid should be even with the bottom on the plug hole. You have 100,000 mile fluid so it should be ok if you only have 78,000 miles. Your car has a transmission fluid life indicator that should tell you when the fluid needs to be replaced. -
Comment 1
Is this for an automatic or manual? -
Answer 2
Anon is right, on late model caddilac rear wheel drive vehicles, the transmission has to be drained and filled form underneath on both manual and automatic transmissions. -
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