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1996 Ford Contour Question: Transmission fluid

Where do I put the Transmission fluid. I cant find a place to check it -
Answer 1
I saw your other question so I'm assuming this is the manual transmission. The manual transmission does not actually have a dipstick to inspect the level like most manuals. There is a sight plug on the side that needs to be removed to inspect the fluid level or add fluid. If it is not leaking, the fluid should not be low (unless someone replaced the fluid and didn't fill it correctly). Autozone has repair guides available (free) online and there is a section on manual transaxle fluid that says how to inspect the level for your Contour, and drain/refill the transmission. I can't get the direct link to work so you'll have to pick your car, and check the "manual transaxle" under "Fluids and Lubricants". You'll need to copy/paste that entire link http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c152800a87f8 -
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