Transmission fluid on 2000 BMW 740i

Can someone please tell me what is involved in changing the transmission fluid in my 2000 BMW 740i ? as have just had service & has come back dirty.
Thanks Aaron AKL NZ.

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Would help to know if is auto or manual trans to advise. Did you have the trans serviced and what came back dirty? How was that decided? Please give more details. Thank you.
the 740i was not brought into the US market with a manual;
they are all automatics. no service is advised on this transmission by BMW, so there is no dipstick. the only fluid is ESSO LT71141 or BMW 83220002121; using any other
fluid will contaminate it.
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hi - I just had the car serviced & when they did a general check over they noticed the transmission fluid was slightly dirty. The car is a new zealand new automatic.
Much thanks for answering my questions. Aaron- Auckland.