transmission fluid on 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

how often do i have to change the tramission fluid?

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VW use an automatic transmission fluid that they say under normal driving conditions does not need to be changed, sealed for life.
Other manufacturer had the same approach but found there transmissions were failing and left it to the owner's discretion to change the fluid or not. I keep my cars and my customers keep their cars for many many miles. If you plan on keeping your car and for piece of mind I would suggest changing the transmission oil at 60,000 miles with VW approved transmission oil.
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my turning signals dont tern on nether do the turning arrows in the dash bork is ir a fues if it is were is it located??
I would recommend changing it every 50-60k miles. German parts are VERY expensive ESPECIALLY an auto transmission, save yourself a few bucks in the long run