Transmission Filter Change. on 2004 Lincoln LS

What does it take to replace the filter on this 5R55S transmission and do I need to change the fluid in the Convertor?

Asked by for the 2004 Lincoln LS
You need to drain the fluid first from the Tranni pan and once you've done that then remove the pan and the filter will be inside. Be careful when you drain the Tranni. "Leaving" the four corner bolts in remove the rest and then "SLOWLY" start loosening one of the back corner bolts and the fluid will start to come out.With all this being said you will most likely get a bath in fluid if this is your first time doing one. Just try not to get directly under your tranni when you loosen the bolts and have plenty of rags and a big drain pan. As far as the converter you don't nessasairly have to change that fluid. If you have over 60,000 miles on your vehicle it would be a good idea to drain it. Also I would recomend that you take it to some place and have a transmission flush done to the whole system at around 85,000 miles. I have a 1998 Ford 4WD with 173,000 miles and i've serviced the Tranni every 30,000 miles and never had any problems with it. Ill shut up now. GOOD LUCK!!!