2004 BMW 530i Q&A

2004 BMW 530i Question: Transmission fault code in control messages

I have gotten a transmission fault warning/message in my control messages screen. what does this mean? the dealer has not said anything about this since i've taken my car in the last few times. -
Answer 1
Don't know but I got the same message today with my 2004 530i. Tried to start the car thnis morning and had trouble getting it to crank. It eventually started and a bunch of warning icons flashed through the little window in the dash. Then the transmission fault message appeared (gear with an exclamation point inside). I went to the idrive window and had two other control messages. One said I had a cruise control problem. The other said my car clock and calendar were wrong because my battery had been disconnected, which to my knowledge is incorrect. I'm waiting for a report from the dealer. -
Comment 1
i get the same gear about my tranny when i excel at between 30 to 50 mph, then my car bogs down and will only go a certain speed. so i reset the car but turning it off then re-starting, but i know how to drive the car so this wont happen but my pick up is kinda slo -
Comment 2
i have same problem bmw dealer said i need a new transmission but my car only have 85k on it and the cost all together is $7000 -
Comment 3
it the value body i got my car fix same problem now its fix -
Comment 4
How much did the value body coast -