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1999 Jaguar XJ8 Question: Transmission Fault?

I went to back up and my car that has alot of power, acted like it was in Neutral and then jerked real hard? I drov off and it seemed o.k. but as soon as I had to stop and tried to go again the Transmission Fault message appeared & it took off very sluggish. I turned around and parked it. Could this be due to low trany fluid or is my tranny gone? I need help I have no clue on what to do? -
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The next step is to have it looked at by a repair shop, then the determination can be made as to what is wrong. If you don't have a shop, look here: http://repairpal.com/directory?distance=10&sort_by=relevance&address=95670&car_brand_names=Jaguar -
Answer 2
tranny has broken drum inside will require trans removal dealer 6500 i can fix it fir 2500 carnut59@ aol.com -
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Where are you located? Mark H. Columbus, Ohio -
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I have a 1999 jag. xj8. your problem has the same exact symtoms, I spoke with German Auto Service in Roseville, they removed transmission and found the front drum snap ring broke. John called errickson industries they sent him a updated part were the weld snap ring into drum, they use a steel drum and it works fantastic. -
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Was that all you needed to change , and how much did they charge you ? Thanks -
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how much it cost to fix please -
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Does the transmission have to be removed to do this repair? -
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The exact same thing happened to me its the tbs sensor on your throttle body. for about 400.00 send it to a plaace called bba in Massachussetts. They will test and rebuild your throttle body and guarentee it for life. Or you can go to a Jaguar dealer and pay 2100.00 for a new throttle body and another 400-500 in labor charges~!!! -
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Can you help me with this? How much did you end of paying (total)? Can you explain exactly what repair had to be done after the $400 -
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